Cloud Report Q4 2011 ”How to take advantage of new cloud business opportunities using the Azure cloud ecosystem”

The report can be downloaded at:!AnEsEaf1BSP6hTjTNbxUL-UstN6M

Executive Summary

We are now in the middle of a technology shift and the IT landscape is undergoing comprehensive change. Cloud services and solutions are enabling new agile and cost-effective solutions that will radically improve our ability to be significantly more effective in our delivery. The cloud market is still in an immature state and attracts a large number of new players every month. In the ongoing shift, it is vital that the Enterprise organisation understands its position within the market and how to take advantage of the new opportunities.

In this paper, the following actions are suggested:

  • Spend time understanding the true possibilities that cloud computing offers when realised using Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings, rather than just migrating to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).
  • Re-think and re-design architectural patterns and recommendations in order to embrace the world of continuous services and connected devices. Move from traditional development of Line-of-business applications towards people-centric and device-centric services.
  • Identify the Entreprise position in the new information ecosystem and the possibility of delivering new services.
  • Align internal IT infrastructure and deployment models with the public cloud in order to take advantage of cloud bursting and new PaaS offerings. To take advantage of the SaaS-ification, the organization must use more standardized and unified processes. All non-competitive process may be changed in order to provide a better fit with the processes within the selected SaaS-offering.
  • The Enterprise can no longer be designed for intra-organizational solutions and it is time to update the federation and information strategy to reflect the current situation.