There has been some discussion lately in Sweden regarding the suggestion of a new word “ogooglebar”. Free translation is “cannot be found on the internet”. But after comments from Google this word has been redrawn from the list of new words.

But from a general “Search”-aspect it is rather interesting to start to think about what traditional Search may not be able to find. Up to now Enterprise search can find information and to some level understand its context. But very seldom will it bring insights and exploration possibilities that can be the foundation of decisions and actions that truly optimize and transform the organization.

So from this I think I need to rephrase the statement in the end of the last blog post:

Enterprise-IT of tomorrow needs to bring new capabilities that can transform information (structured as well as unstructed) into insights and actions based on real-time flows that exist inside as well as outside the Enterprise.   

To able to do this new tools need to be added to both the information worker but also to roles like the data scientist or the people responsible for data cleansing and curation.

Within our R&D department we have elaborated with the newly launched “DataExplorer” aka codename “Montego”. Last week the team gave a great sprint demo illustration the following work flow.

POC Eldorado

This is a very promising and important scenario where the Business Analyzer is given the possibility to clean, curate, and enrich information within the productivity tools that they are using today. This will also be a central piece of the puzzle to achieve an information hub that in fact will create and contain insights, not just information as I have depicted in a previous blog post.

DataHub General Ecosystem

In the future we will see that this kind of tools integrates with new ways of storytelling. Check out this awesome stuff for an inspiring example of upcoming technology:

To summarize, to become a data-driven organization one needs to address not only the possibility to search and find information. Tools need to be in place to, in an effective way, gain, create, and share insights that in turn can be transformed into actions that optimized the organization. If you have not yet looked into DataExplorer it is time do this now!