There is now rather clear that the cloud has become Enterprise ready. IT-departments are no longer just stating that it is a security treat and the budgeting for cloud-centric initiatives are becoming a substantial post in the budgeting process. From that perspective the use of the cloud will become real during 2013.

I think that this year also will be the year when the cloud comes down to earth and we will see that enterprises better understand how to leverage cloud computing and cloud services in different scenarios. From that I give the following six themes that we will see for the upcoming 12 month

We will stop talking of moving things to the cloud – We will move cloud capabilities to the enterprise

The discussion will more be about what fits and what doesn’t. The understanding of how the cloud platforms differs from traditional outsourcing and virtualizations has grown and decisions is now on facts rather than “it will be better out there”. Cloud bursting scenarios will appear and the role of the cloud broker will become clearer.

Devices + services will become a central function in Enterprise landscape

The world of connected devices and continues services will hit the Enterprise as a tsunami. The value of mobile apps becomes a lot higher if they are populated with enterprise data. The big question is where these service will live. The guess is that it is not in your own datacenters. The app-game is a 24/7/365-game. This together with the high traffic and continues information flow that the app-architecture will create makes it hard for traditional back-end solutions to be a player in this game.

API-architecture and management is not equivalent with SOA

Most SOA implementations have assumed that the consumer living inside the enterprise and is a part of the enterprise itself. In the world of connected devices this is no longer true. In the API-architecture capabilities such as developer portals, api-key management and approval, metering and billing becomes new important areas. Most enterprise have not yet started to think about this.

The amount of data forces the Enterprise to embrace “Big data” scenarios – The introduction of IT-analytics

Data is growing at exceptional rate. Time has now become the enemy because the increased complexity. New technology will put massive data into motion, changing the data and its context faster than we can cope with. The dilemma is that if you are struggling today this will kill you tomorrow. The use of IT-analytics may bring substantial value and competitive advantage to those organizations that adopt and create the right solutions.

Services in the cloud will not only be commodities

It will be clearer that cloud services are highly standardized but this doesn’t always imply that they are commodity.  The cloud will from this perspective be an enabler that disrupt technology sector that has high margin today. The cloud will also be one of the central pillars for “disruptive innovations”.

The cloud will disrupt virtualization – Virtualization is not the same thing as the cloud, have never been, will never be!

The term “private cloud” has become one of the most misused ones in the cloud-era. Most of the existing private cloud is just some relabeling of some old VMware environment. Few of these offer self-service and pay-per-use. In 2013 we will see the rise of new players that has understand the different of virtualization and the cloud.