During some time one of the major trend for many organizations has been, at least from a marketing perspective, to say that they are becoming more innovative. The new trend is now to talk about how to engage with customers and partners. The connected enterprise has a great potential to make this happened in a way that both increase customer value and the long term profitability.

As I stated last year in a previous post the change in customer relation is moving towards mass-personalization and will be based on mutual trust. This since, to keep the relationship in a perfect 1-to-1 relation, the seller needs to send back valuable information to the customer to be able to get even more information from the customer to include in the next iteration of the Big Data analytics. This in order to shift from a traditional campaign-centric view of the world to one of continuous customer engagement.

But from a customer perspective the communication platform will be the channel the customer selects and on the devices that he/she likes the best. So whether the companies of today likes the consumertization of IT or not it will have a great impact on “enterprise-IT” when they starts to engage.

Also the applications that will be used within the organizations and to engage with the customer will change in nature, they will become smart process applications. Smart process applications fill the gap between systems of record and systems of engagement. They do this by automating both structured and unstructured work activities in support of collaborative processes.

But the game of engagement is 24/7 every day of the year. This enforce organizations to establish solutions with high availability and scalability.  The cloud computing paradigm offers the fundament upon where the future should be built.

I often hear people saying “This is just doing old things with new technology”. This is the biggest mistake an organization can make. The shift is about doing new things with new technology!

So from that perspective you can no longer just can talk about innovation, you need to have processes in place for sustainable innovation. The innovations need to make impact on the organization and deliver value and change over time. Hence, innovation is no longer a buzz-word it needs to be part of the running business.

The challenges for many organizations are

  • How to capture innovations from employees, partners and customers
  • How does one involve cross-functional teams in the evaluation process
  • How is the innovation process visualized within the company

To help our clientsInnovationOne to take the first steps towards sustainable innovations we have created a smart process app called InnovationOne. The App will run on Office365 or SharePoint 2013.

To summarize, the Smart Apps together with the CoIT and the cloud computing paradigm shift will change the way will look at IT. To become a winner in the game of engagement the organization needs to establish process for sustainable innovations. InnovationOne delivers this support on the world leading collaboration platform in the cloud.