Currently about 7 percent of all consumer content is stored in the cloud.  Gartner says that this is changing rapidly and that by 2016 36 percent of all consumer data will be stored in the cloud.

“Cloud storage will grow with the emergence of the personal cloud, which in turn will simplify the direct-to-cloud model, allowing users to directly store user-generated content in the cloud,” says Gartner principal research analyst Shalini Verma. “As storage becomes a part of the personal cloud, it will become further commoditized. Therefore, online storage and sync companies need to have a strategic rethink about their future approach.”

It is interesting that it is the individuals by them self that is driving the adoption for personal information in the cloud. The personal cloud will in the beginning be filled by mostly social information such as pictures and information related to services as Facebook but a rapidly growing sector is also health related services such as RunKeeper. Over time more sensitive information will start to move into the cloud. As the information increase business and governments need to establish strategies for

  • become more user-centric in dialog and offerings
  • handle privacy and ownership of data
  • handle governance around data itself
  • handle ethics related to Big Data

If your organization has not yet started to think how to adopt and take advantage of this you better do this. We are entering the age of smart computing and Big data which totally will change the social contract and the customer-relation.